Wednesday, April 9, 2014


My almost teenager takes weeding very seriously. He worked 2 whole hours to fill the bag with weeds for $2.  His brother wasn't much help as he just flung dirt into the air. 
Team work.

I'm lovin' all the freedom I have now that my children are older. Lazarus gives me a much needed break every morning by disappearing for 30 mninutes. He reappears dressed like so:
Nailed it.

I really should start paying Elijah for all the hours he babysits Ruthie Mae. He genuinely loves this little lady.

If she's awake, he's holding her.

Ruthie Mae found her feet. Nuff said.

I had a birth last weekend. It was my first here in Bellingham and I was so thankful for the experience. I'm not quite ready to be working regularly again, but a client here and there will keep me on my toes. Ruthie Mae refuses to take a bottle (never had a baby like that! thought some parents were just being dramatic-now i know they're not.) Thankfully, the birth center is right next door. 

Coach laboring mama.
Feed my baby in the lobby.
Administer hip squeeze.
Feed my baby in the lobby.
Assist during pushing phase.
Feed my baby.

It worked our perfectly! I'm just so thankful for my life right now.