Monday, March 30, 2015

We Got Our License!

Almost 2 years ago, we moved from St. Louis to Bellingham. It was difficult for many reasons, one being that we had just gotten our feet wet with fostering. We had gone through 4 kids in 3 placements and felt more comfortable with the process. We knew that we'd continue fostering no matter where we moved, but it took a while for us to get settled here. It killed me, knowing there were waiting children that could be safe in our home, but we needed time to get moved in and have our own little baby and get used to a new life. Now, after over a year working towards our license, we are officially foster parents again!!

Because life is getting a little too boring..... ;)

Am I excited??
YES! But fostering is a strange thing to be excited about. The excitement of having a new child in the home is equally paired with sadness and anger. These children have lost everything and I honestly mourn with them. It's an emotional time and very difficult to keep it together when I know their little worlds are falling apart. Feel free to call me after bed time and listen to me cry!! It takes a few weeks for the weepy eyes to dry up a bit.

Am I freaked out??
YES! How in the HECK am I going to continue educating the boys while keeping Ruthie from sudden death (she's a climber y'all) AND support a foster child in all that they're going through?? These are the questions I have that give me anxiety and I need prayer. I know (from experience) that when you say "yes" to the right things, those things that God has called you to, He will guide me and strengthen me and support me. I just can't forget that!

Clearly Ruthie is getting better as entertaining herself while we do school:

Are we ready??
Sure, mostly. We have extra car seats and beds for each stage of life between 0-6 years old. We have drawers full of clothing and we're waiting by the phone. We have regular conversations with the kids and pray about it often. Still, you cannot fully prepare for the specific child and their situation that comes through your door. With each new placement, there is an element of surprise and a steep learning curve. I guess I'm ready to be flexible.

We have an amazing church community, a growing foster community for support and the boys are becoming truly helpful. I'm confident we'll get through whatever situation is handed to us, because we're not alone. I'm so thankful for that!