Thursday, April 2, 2015

Racehorse Falls Hike

Racehorse falls is a GEM! It's a beautiful waterfall just 30 minutes East of Bellingham toward Mount Baker. Last Saturday, I was looking through my 'pins' for a new Bellingham activity and we decided to try this one out. It was a little tricky finding the trail, but it's easy once you're in the right spot. There was a short hike through green mossy trees and then a short trek down to the falls-very muddy and steep which was perfect for our adventuring boys!

Lazarus is our biggest complainer when it comes to hikes, but he had nothing negative to say about this one.

Ruth loves to ride on my back. I'm so thankful for such a happy traveler!

The little lady is becoming quite the adventurous one-she wanting to go INTO the river. I compromised an let her splash around a bit.

Sweet Lazarus has been killing it with the staring contests lately. He challenged Dan while standing on a cliff over the falls-it was the first time he lost!!

Sundays are a work day for us and they are long and tiring. We often don't see Dan until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. This makes Saturdays an important time for us as a family. We love getting out and exploring together. It gives us space and time to talk about what we're learning or feeling challenged by. It gives our kids the space to apply what they've been learning and reading about at home and helps them to connect with each other. I'm so thankful to be living in such a beautiful place right now!!