Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Honeymoon Stage is OVER!

Back to life, back to reality.

Honestly, Ruthie Mae is great. She often puts herself to sleep without a fuss and eats and burps well (and quickly!). That's all you can hope for in a newborn. We are approaching the 3 week mark where the typical 24 hour eat fest commences. It's also a time where most mamas get weepy as their hormones settle and adjust, yet again. So far, I've only broken down in tears twice, and both times were late at night after a looooong day. That's normal, right?

Dan is back at work although I'm not sure how much work he's getting done.

 I am forever grateful for the solid 2 hours of sleep he gives me every morning. Not to mention keeping up with the dishes and laundry. We're all a little stretched these days, but I'm hoping life settles down soon. Just in time for the holidays....sheesh.

An alternate name for this post could be "InstaRuthie". I know moms who only take pictures of their children with their phones. Well call me Judge McJudgerson because I used to think those ladies were just being lazy. Now, I' older and one child wiser! It's a miracle just to remember to photograph the third child at all!!

Dan will be gone this weekend on an elder's retreat. I'm praying and hoping I survive, but I'm expecting the worst. Thinking about teaching Elijah how to use the crock pot. No! I'll teach him how to order a pizza!! 

Alright, I think we'll make it to Sunday.

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