Friday, December 27, 2013

Winter Happenings

This was our first Christmas as a family working for the church full time. I knew this year would be different for many reasons, but I enjoyed all of the church activities surrounding the Advent season. Lots of parties and an extra church service leaves this extrovert feeling very fulfilled! To top it off, Owen was able to stay with us until Christmas night and we all enjoyed a couple of snowy days!!

Even Ruthie Mae enjoyed the winter wonderland.

Lazzy suited up in layers : pajamas, swim gear and a festive Christmas sweater. 

Once outside, Lazarus refused to come inside, sweet boy. The boys were so happy to find out that it does in fact snow in Bellingham!

They built a snowman.

Really though, it was a cigar smoking man!
{the placement of elijah's hands are hilarious!}

Owen left us on Christmas night. We're sad to see him go but so excited for his next adventure back home in Africa.

What a joyful time! I am now looking forward to life slowing down a bit. It's back to housework and homeschool for me!

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  1. I absolutely love all of Ruthie Mae's facial expressions.