Monday, March 17, 2014

Christmas Vacation in February

When your husband works for the church, religious holidays are B-U-S-Y. This was our first taste of true busyness during the Christmas season and it was fun, but challenging. Probably because we also had a baby who was still days old, but ya know.

Anyways, we finally cashed in on our Christmas time off. In the middle of February and I'm glad we waited. February is such a rough month. Spring still feels so far away and life is dark. It was good to get out of town, play games, ride ferries (so many boats!) and read some books.

Exploring the beach while waiting for the ferry.

Daddy/daughter cuddles on the ferry.

We were given 2 nights at an amazing vacation home on a little bay on Orcas Island. We played games, did puzzles, watched movies and explored the nature surrounding us. Breathtaking.

Coffee and treats in the adorable town on Orcas.

Exploring our own little cove in front of the vacation home.

I'm so thankful for these boys. They keep themselves busy while we drive in traffic and wait for ferries to arrive, all while Ruthie Mae screams her little head off.

These guys are such good travelers.

 We spent a couple days in Seattle where we visited with friends and explored the Experience Music Project.

The Lego Exhibit.

Fantasy : World of Myth and Magic

Ruthie napping while Laz rocks out on the drums.

Beautiful, busy expensive Seattle.

 We had a great time together as a family and made some good memories. I won't lie though, I was TIRED when we got back, needing a vacation from my vacation, haha! Still, it was good to get away and focus on our family, to be refreshed and come back to the church ready to serve.

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  1. Aaahhhh, Orcas is very dear to our hearts! We have a very old family farmhouse on the southeastern part of the island that we go to every summer. I'm so glad you all were able to get away and enjoy the island! And dang, your kids' faces are absolutely hilarious!