Sunday, March 23, 2014

That Moment When....

That moment when you walk out of a church parenting class encouraged and feeling ready to tackle bed time with patience and grace, but you can't find one of your kids. 10 minutes later, after enlisting every mother and child, you find your kid. You come home and all of your children are screaming. Only one has a legitimate reason. The two with working legs refuse to get out of the car. You're at the door and they refuse to move two inches to the right so mama can open the door. Everyone, still screaming. Only one has a legitimate reason.

That moment continues once you're inside and one child goes limp. Not. Gonna. Move.


You lose your patience and slam a door. Apologies all around. Finally, the older two are obeying with jammies on and brushing teeth.

You feed the child who was screaming for good reason and finally, there is calm. Middle child sweetly comes to inform you there's been a mess in the bathroom "but I already said sorry to you".

MMMmmmmmmm Kay. 

Then, a BLOW OUT. You know the type - Code Red, all hands on deck, I guess it's bath time BLOW OUT. You strip her nekid and head to the bathroom.

Ahh, yes. The mess = a broken drain, a pool of water in the sink (with toys floating) and water all over the floor.

You take a deep breath to prevent another reason for more apologies, clean it up and bathe the baby. Who slips into the water and chokes on soapy suds. More valid screaming.

Moments like this make me feel so incredibly defeated. I'm a failure of a mother. It's way too hard. Why would anyone sign up for this?

Thankfully, this is not all the time. It's just a moment and it's usually sandwiched between lots of awesome moments. I'd like to become better at shrugging things off and even laughing at life's messes. I guess practice makes perfect?

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