Sunday, June 8, 2014

Point Whitehorn

A new friend invited the kids and I to Point Whitehorn last week. It's a beautiful rocky beach just south of Birch Bay. After walking 3/4 of a mile through electric green trees, moss and ferns, a few stairs bring you down to an open rocky beach with piles of driftwood splayed out. The hike through the woods is smooth and easy but expect to make stops to save the many banana slugs you'll find along the way.

This is a great beach for a playdate.

 This was the first time we found sea anemones at low tide!!! Can you see them beneath the big rock?

I can't wait to explore this area with Dan. I think I'll need his help the next time we decide to make the trek, though. The beach continues a while in both directions, so there is a lot to explore.

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