Friday, September 19, 2014

Our Canadian Camping Trip

We went camping. In Canada. It was magnificent.

We left on a Thursday at 1pm and managed to miss the usual weekend back up at the border. After driving through downtown Vancouver, we stopped at Whyte Islet Park in West Vancouver and I'm so glad we did! It was the perfect day for a beach hike. This particular beach had a giant rock island just off shore that you could climb too at low tide.

This climb was very steep, more than it would seem from far away.

Lazzy and I rested and enjoyed the views while Dan and Eli climbed to the other side of the island. I won't lie-I felt nervous up there with our spazzy Lazzy. There were very few safe places to sit and many drop offs! I do consider myself an adventurous lady, but with a baby on my back and a 4 year old who tends to run forward while looking behind himself, I freaked out a few times, ha!

On our way back down, we noticed someone paying special attention to some rocks in the water. As we looked closer, we saw they were SEALS!

After our beach pit stop, we headed to our campsite at Porteau Cove Provincial Park. It's about 15 minutes south of Squamish on the Sea to Sky highway (99). SUCH a beautiful drive, SUCH a beautiful campground right on the beach!

Some friends from Bellingham joined us around dinner time. We set up camp and watched the sun set over the mountainous islands of Vancouver.

We borrowed a canoe and had our first family trip out on the water. After 2 hours of absolute beauty and peace on the waves, I wouldn't be surprised if a canoe is what we get each other for Christmas!

Friday morning, we headed north for a hike at Chief Mountain. Apparently this is an amazing place to rock climb, since the mountain is basically one giant boulder. 

We climbed....stairs!!

The hike to Shanon Falls was only a few miles, but it was steep at parts. There were lots of smaller boulders to climb, stairs and mossy trees. I am constantly amazed at how much beauty there is in the NW part of North America!

After the hike, we went into Squamish for an ice cream treat. 

Saturday morning, we packed up camp and headed back south to Vancouver. Our first stop, a hike through Lynn Canyon over the suspension bridge. It's 166 feet over the canyon where we watched cliff jumpers enjoy the warm weather.

We enjoyed more ice cream and spectacular views from Stanley park.

We finished off the day with amazing Indian food in downtown Vancouver. I have to say, the food was totally worth the awkward entrance we made-two tired dirty families fresh off the campgrounds and a hike in the wood, two poopy babies, one crying to nurse. I'm just glad it was 4pm and no one was in the restaurant!! Over all, we had such a great weekend exploring this part of the world with good friends. We'll definitely be back soon!

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