Friday, September 26, 2014

That Moment When....

...your son buys himself some plastic handcuffs and attaches himself to everything, including the shopping cart at Fred Meyer. It was actually helpful to me to have all 3 kids in one place. I did get some ugly glares from NW parents who can't even muster the word "NO" to their only child, let alone keep close tabs on them. Glad we could bring some shock-and-awe into their Thursday, ha! All in a days' work.

----------------------------------------------------- hike 560 feet up a mountain, you reach the magnificent views at the top and your 4 year old announces (very proudly) "I have to go POO POO MOM!!". Yeah, it wasn't the first time either. We took care of it.

-----------------------------------------------------'re about to throw away the junk mail and your husband informs you that YOU are ON the junk mail! Along with your friend's khaki butt. It pays to get out and explore, y'all!

--------------------------------------- give your 10 month old a chocolate chip cookie, just to keep her quiet while you make her some frozen pizza dinner. Feel free to skip the nomination process and immediately announce me as Mother of the Year. I will humbly accept. 

------------------------------------------------- try a seemingly easy Pinterest project to celebrate the beginning of fall. Your child sobs, falling apart because the stem isn't straight enough, there are holes between the paper, the marker doesn't work, etc. It was the sweetest saddest thing I've ever seen. Dang you Pinterest!


 ....your 6 year old son thinks he's David Bowe. Really, with the British accent and everything.


...your 4 year old "packs" for a vacation 4 days early. He includes the new honey you just bought and his shoes (giving him a legitimate reason to walk around town barefoot until you leave for said vacation).

I've hit that sweet spot in my parenting career when I just laugh at these types of things. I've also learned how to laugh while everyone else is screamin' and cryin'. Because how else do you keep from going crazy!?

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