Wednesday, October 22, 2014

That Moment When.....

....your baby poops in the bath. I'm just thankful she almost made it year before it happened!


....your baby escapes from a tight swaddle AND being zipped up in her sleep sack AND is very proud about it.

------------------------------------- fall asleep with the babies and wake up in a panic. Where is your 6 year old? Oh, he's just been outside pulling weeds for the last hour. Good boy.


....the usual hand washing routine turns into washing your hair with hand soap.

-----------------------------------'re at a birth all night so you take your 2 children and the resident ninja to the children's museum for school.

------------------------------------ invite your entire congregation to your house for lunch THE DAY before your first walk through for your fostering license. Really though, lunch was awesome and the walk through went great!


....your 6 year old decides to teach himself Hebrew.


....your middle child climbs into the hammock with you on a beautiful fall day and says sweetly "I wanna cuddle".


 ....your 6 year old keeps losing his teeth. Literally. We can't find them!


....your find a mini ninja sword in your freezer.

------------------------------ cannot find your child then realize he IS the blanket pile.


 ....your parents send your children fake earrings. 

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