Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy First Birthday Ruthie Mae!!!

It was a busy Sunday for Daniel. He had a baptism at work and meetings after the service. I stayed home from church after a long night of pre-labor. My mom and I walked the neighborhood and I took some herbs. After church, we all had lunch and things started picking up. By 3pm, the boys were taken to their friends' house and I was in active labor. It was hard work. I had an incredible team. 

After 5 short hours, Ruth Mae Reine was brought gently into the world at my home in Bellingham. What a glorious day!!!

Ruth comes from the Hebrew word meaning 'friend' or 'companion'. My prayer for Ruth is that she will always be a friend to others. I pray she will be a friend to the widow, the orphaned and the oppressed. I pray she will have an open hand towards those in need. I pray she will open her home to anyone seeking love and comfort.

We had a great time celebrating this little girl's 1st year of life. The birthday girl was shocked to see such a pretty cupcake on her tray.

Happy birthday sweetness cutie muffin sparkle cakes!!!!
(just a few of her nick names :)

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