Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bring Her Chicken!

Well, it's back to life as usual around here, except everything is different! I rarely get out of bed before 9am (thank you Dan!!!), we don't leave the house much and the house is a wreck. But that's the stage we're in right? I'm just embracing the chaos. Happily!

I can have a clean house later, but I won't always have these little people, cuddling and learning beside me in my bed. Even though I feel very much out of control and there is spit up in my hair, these are happy times.

I do manage to go over 1 reading lesson a day with Elijah. He's been doing his work upside down because apparently "learning how to read isn't challenging enough." - his words y'all.

The meals from sweet church ladies (and one single guy-I was impressed!!) have stopped coming. I'm back in the kitchen and letmetellyou, I love myself for planning ahead! I've got a few meals and some homemade sauces ready to go from our freezer. I'll use those later, though.

White Chicken Chili RecipeThis week, we're eating off a delicious whole chicken a friend brought us. The chicken and vegetables fed our family two nights in a row and we still have left overs! Dan picked all the meat off the bones and I made stock out of the carcass. Now, we've got meat for another meal!

I used the homemade chicken stock to make tonight's dinner: white chicken chili!

Other good ideas for leftover chicken:

From now on, my go-to post-baby-meal will be chicken and vegetables. Not only is it hearty and nutritious, it sets a mama up for future meal successes with all the leftovers! Which will give her more time to do this:

Look at those chubby cheeks! Ruthie Mae is chunkin' up!

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  1. In my opinion, you've got your priorities in good order.