Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Review - Favorite Moments

We began last January in St. Louis, entering the 8th and final semester of seminary. The boys were 4 and 2 and their friendship just beginning to blossom.

Their fashion sense was blossoming, too :)

In February, we visited Nashville (and celebrated my lil' sister's engagement with the world's largest bonfire!), we fostered a newborn boy who stole our hearts, and found out we were pregnant!!
Photo: Bonfire, with Christmas trees! (@jessemeeks)

March was a challenging month as I slowly climbed out of the first trimester while caring for a newborn. I won't lie, it was a rough month!

April was another life changing month as we visited Bellingham and interviewed for Dan's current job.

May was a big month as I entered the 2nd trimester and Dan finally said goodbye to his seminary days. 

I was one proud wife!!

We finished off the month with the world's coolest 5th birthday party!

June was spent packing, saying goodbye and driving away from our St. Louis community of 4 years. But before we left, we enjoyed that under rated city!

July in Nashville

August and September were spent exploring Bellingham and getting into a new routine with homeschooling, and celebrating Lazzy's 3rd birthday. We also welcomed Uncle Owen from Malawi!

In October, Dan was ordained and my family visited so we could camp out for Ruthie's arrival.

November brought us our Ruthie Mae and December was a blurrrrrrrrrr.

It was a year full of change, rejoicing and loss. Who knows what 2014 has for us! It really could be anything!

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