Sunday, January 26, 2014

Insta-Ruthie Mae

I can't believe this little sweetie is 12 weeks old. I've loved every moment with her so far. Honestly, I think I've only gotten annoyed with her once! She is just so lovely and pleasant to be around. I miss her when she's sleeping. She's like a drug. Need more! Can't get enough!

Don't let this one fool you. Ruthie Mae sleeps like a bear in hibernation mode! She gives me solid 8-9 hours, gets a quick snack around 5am and then sleeps until 8 or 9am. Pure bliss.

Dainty lady likes to have her diaper changed. All. The. Time. As in, fusses when she farts. High maintenance much?

Stirring veggies on the stove calls for puttin' baby in a laundry basket. It was dirty. Doing what I can to keep from raising a prissy princess.

Her left eye closes tighter than her right when she smiles. This strange but heart warming trait comes from her papa.

Lookin' good in teal.

Happy 12 weeks Ruthie Mae! And goodbye 4th trimester!!!

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