Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I love my friends. I love who they are, where they've been and what I learn from them. I also love friendships. The back and forth, the giving and taking, the commiseration and encouragement. I keep my door unlocked and my phone turned up just in case someone wants to drop by.

The hardest thing about moving to a new place is the lack of friends. Don't get me wrong-there are many friendly people in Bellingham, but friendship takes time and in the NW, it seems like ages. I guess it's good to be in a quiet stage right now, because my surroundings are anything but. I am very busy with my little bunch and some exciting outside projects as well. Right now, motherhood and homeschooling is taking everything I've got and I'm exhausted.

Last night, as I wandered around my house finishing up small tasks before I called it a night, I came across numerous messes that each spoke to me, showing evidence of a life fully lived by the Robbins clan.

{Evidence that I at least attempted to do my hair and straighten myself up for a doula client that morning.}

{Evidence of awesome water play (not to mention 2 of my 3 kids are clean. Success!!) Laz cried when bath time was over. This is his happy place.}

{Evidence that the people that I love are wearing clean clothes and feeling fresh and confident. The boys have their favorite shirts on today because of what's going on in the image above.}

{Evidence of fun and messy science play, clean skateboards and an awesome one pot dinner shared with my 3 favorite people.}

 {Evidence that my body isn't a wreck for nothing. I'm sleep deprived and tapped out because of that fuzzy head, the one I can't seem to kiss enough.}

This is me counting my blessings when all I want to do is complain and feel overwhelmed.

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