Saturday, May 10, 2014

Camping in Leavenworth

This weekend, our family joined 5 others on a beautiful camping trip in Leavenworth Washington. I haven't been there since our honeymoon back in 2005! While driving through the mountains, it was so awesome to reflect back on the last 8.5 years of our marriage. God is so good!!

This was Ruthie Mae's first camping trip and she was fantastic!

She pretty much did this the entire time:

She even got to hang out with her baby friends!

Apparently Leavenworth has many boulders to climb. Lucky for us, some of our camping buddies had  lots of climbing gear and they knew how to use it! The kids had a blast encouraging one another.

Lazzy got a bit scared while rock climbing. 

So, we took him out of the harness so he could do more rock climbing ;)

Elijah killed it on the rock!

He even lost of shoe half way up, but he just kept going.

Although the sun was out, the air was pretty chilly. We stayed close to the fire as much as possible and made sure to eat s'mores day and night.
S'mores made with JUMBO marshmallows!

It was awesome to be higher up in the mountains, to see so much beauty and to be with friends. Can't wait for many more camping adventures this summer!

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