Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Are Super Human

I know that for some women, mother's day really sucks. Maybe you've been trying to conceive for years or maybe you've lost a child. Maybe you've lost your mom! The truth is, the relationship a mother has with her children is so unique that we all want it in our lives. We want a healthy bond with our mamas and us women want to BE mamas.

Any person who will literally share their body with someone else, who will give up so many freedoms and rights, anyone who puts their needs aside-this is a pretty remarkable human being!!

This morning was particularly difficult. One of my children fought so hard with me, he almost puked. The constant verbal abuse, the hitting, the screaming, breaking things and causing a scene - all for something so small, he even forgot why he was fighting me. We were late to church (where apparently, my the back of my skirt was unzipped for a fitting) and had to leave early while dragging a screaming kid to the car. 

As I settled the other two down for a quiet time, I thought of my own mother. How many of her Mother's Days were spent like this? How many times did we trample over her kindness and sacrificial love? How many times was she misunderstood and taken advantage of?

I know for a fact that I was an extremely difficult child. I also know that my mother went to great lengths to love me anyways, to build me up and encourage me through very rough times. I am so thankful for her example in my life. Without her, I would have no idea how to love my own children.

Moms are super human, y'all. Do not underestimate their power in the world!!!

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