Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Clayton Beach

Clayton Beach is technically part of Larabee State Park. You can access this beach by driving south on Chuckanut Drive. Like most PNW beaches, it's a hike through enormous old trees and a steep trek down to the water. Oh, and you get to cross railroad tracks. Such a thrill!

We took our dear friends with us to this beach and it did not disappoint.

I know what you're thinking-best family photo EVA!

This sand dollar was alive!!! It's tiny hairs were moving all around. 

Dan was brave and opened a live cockle which had been cracked open by a seagull. After pushing it around, this long stringy thing came out of it's stomach. Ahh!! So gross and so cool!

There are huge gnarly rocks to explore on the edge of the beach.

This place is truly a gem. Although it takes work to get to the beach, it's all worth it. Pack some food and stay a while!

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