Friday, June 13, 2014

Lily Point

So far, my favorite beach we've visited is at Lily Point Park at Point Roberts. After getting through the border just north of Blaine, you continue driving north then west through Canada and then back down south. Lily Point is on a tiny peninsula that is technically on American soil. After a nice leisurely walk through the woods, there is a steep hike down to a field and then this:

{this is one big switchback path!}

Each time we discover a new beach, we happen upon even more exciting sea creatures. Elijah and I even tried our hand at digging for geoduck! We were unsuccessful.

Ruthie Mae and I on top of star fish rock (as the boys named it).

These are sunflower sea stars and have 16 legs!!! They were everywhere!

We enjoyed watching bald eagles fly overhead and feast on marine life during low tide.

What I love about beach days:

I never understood what was so cool about a low tide, until I started spending time on these beautiful beaches. Now, we both have a low tide ap on our phones and I check it frequently. I'm a low tide junky!! We are planning another trip here soon, as there will be extremely low tides next week!

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