Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fatherhood Looks Good on Him

When you marry a person, you don't really think much about the person he might become. You love them so much in the beginning (or so you think....), marrying them for who they are. Sure, you hope they change a little bit-in the way of learning to walk two steps closer to the laundry basket and make that slam dunk, but I gave very little thought to the ways in which my husband might change.

3 kids and almost 9 years into this marriage, I am so happily surprised at how Dan has changed. Fatherhood looks so dang good on him!! 

With each child, he grows more gentle, more tender and more hands-on as a dad.

I love our family so much. I love our adventures and our game nights. I love our dance parties and wrestling matches. I love hearing my boys discuss theology and conduct bicycle races. I love their eyebrows!!! All of these things that I love exist because of Dan and the hours (and DNA) he has given to our family. He's such a great dad!!!

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  1. It fills me with joy to see how much you two care for each other.