Monday, June 16, 2014


Y'all, in case you missed it, there are a lot of beaches up here in our corner of the states!! We recently visited yet another beautiful sandy beach with incredible marine life. Semiahoo (pronounced seh-mee-AH-moo, NOT seh-MYAH-MOO like this southerner likes to call it!) is a teeeeeeeny piece of land with a fancy gold course, expensive resorts and views to die for. In fact, looking north gives you the Canadian cascades and White Rock BC, looking East and South give you more mountains, including Mount Baker. Ah-mazing!

To help you get your bearings-highlighted in purple is Lily Piont where we were last month. Semiahmoo is in blue. Birch Bay and White Rock are the next bay south of Semiahmoo and Bellingham is about 20 minutes south on I-5.

Below is the view of White Rock BC from Semiahmoo.

We had a wonderful time with friends in the soft sand at this beach. Ruthie Mae especially enjoyed eating sand for the first time. I had to watch her closely after the first bite because she kept going back for more! What is it with babies eating sand??

A sweet friend dug a hole for Lazzy. He felt so cozy in that hole in the sand. All he needed was a blankie and he'd be set for life!

One cool thing about this spot is all the piers lining the beach. The kids loved hiding and exploring beneath them at low tide. This is such a fun place to be a kid!!

All the kids hunting for jelly fish and sea stars. This wasn't a make believe game they played. These things are actually in the water!!

They were pretty successful, finding star fish and jelly fish swimming right up toward the beach. Apparently these jelly fish don't sting. I wasn't brave enough to test it out. Such amazing creatures!

The only thing left to find now is an octopus!!! The hunt is on!

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