Friday, June 20, 2014

Locust Beach

Right when you think you've seen 'em all, you learn about another beach in Bellingham. Locus beach is about a half mile north of Squalicum beach, a few minutes north on Marine drive. It's a super easy walk beneath the train tracks, through a tiny field of tall grass and down 40 something stairs to the rocky beach. It felt like we were going on a bear hunt, hehe!

Elijah admires the graffiti on the passing train.

The day we visited, it was the lowest tide we've experienced here at -2.8 feet! The tide was so far out, we could barely see the tiny white caps on the waves along the horizon.

Dan says he was proud of me for embracing the NW spirit. 

Some of the beaches in Bellingham are pretty mucky. We got stuck a few times, but it was fun.

We came across a few kitesurfers. They added color to the otherwise gray sky.

Although this beach lacked marine life, we enjoyed the amazing rocks and drift wood along the beach.

The structure behind the boys was our goal, about a mile from where we entered the beach. 

On the other side of these old pillars is Squalicum beach. It was fun exploring and I was proud of the boys for keeping up and even facing some fears. Poor Lazzy was scared of the seaweed. When we got back to the car, he said "I was wrong, mom, haha! I shouldn't be afraid!". He's so sweet!!


I have loved exploring the beaches here, but I'm ready for some sun!!! We'll be in Nashville for a week and then we head up north for a family vacation on Lake Michigan! After wearing hats and hoodies in mid June, this southern girl is ready to sweat!!!