Saturday, July 12, 2014

So We Went on Vacation - Part 1

The last three weeks have been a blast. We saw friends and family and familiar places. I felt emotions and nostalgia, which is rare, y'all.

We began our journey without Dan. He had a week long meeting in Texas leading up to our vacation time. Instead of spending the week alone in Bellingham, the kids and I headed to Nashville so I could get some extra time with my family.

Elijah and Ruthie are up early the morning of our flight. Elijah gave Ruthie some great traveling tips :)

The flight was great. Ruthie Mae stayed on schedule and Lazzy slept 2 hours while Elijah read. Piece of cake!

After being on the west coast for a year, it was great to see that Nashville sky line!!

Okay, this is where I eat humble pie. The winds off the coast and the constant drizzle in Bellingham has left me shivering and longing for summer time. Y'all, I got summer time in Nashville! It was HOT!!! I found myself actually complaining about the weather (which is a HUGE pet peeve of mine!!). I was so sticky with sweat rolling down my back...the whole nine yards. It doesn't help that I am wearing a baby on my body everywhere we go, either! So, if there was a pool, we swam in it!

It was incredible to spend so much time with family.

Ruthie met her uncle Jesse and they both fell in love.

The cousins were reunited and having a blast.

 Lazarus completely embraced his southern roots.

Folk music and Centennial Park.

Ruthie Mae got to meet Finley June, the baby of a dear friend of mine. Two sweet baby girls, just shooting the breeze. 

I got to spend time with dear old friends, too. Such a treat!

 We played hard and slept hard.

We had a wonderful time in Nashville, but it was time to move a little further north to St. Louis. 

While on the road, we met up with our dear adopted St. Louis family. We miss them so so much!!!

Finally, the arch!!

We pulled into town and headed straight for a picnic dinner at our old neighborhood park.

I got to see some of my dear doula client mamas and their growing babies!

No trip to St. Louis is complete without a visit to the Zoo!

It was a quick trip, but well worth it. So refreshing to reconnect with dear friends in a familiar place. I have to admit, I had a minor break down/panic attack while in St. Louis. I got really worried that we made the wrong choice moving to Bellingham! Of course, it's way too late to change any of that now. I just got worked up playing the "what if" game. I had NO idea what we were leaving behind when we drove away from St. Louis 1 year ago. It was so good to be reminded of this amazing community. It challenged me to continue praying and working towards building my community here in Bellingham.

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