Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Unit Study - Money

Elijah has been earning money (I no longer clean my bathroom, WOOT WOOT!!). After a few weeks of earning nickles and dimes and multiple exclamations "I have 300 million and 2 dollars!!!!", it became clear that we should do a lesson on money. I picked up some things from the dollar store to play around with. I also got out all of our money from traveling, and we placed each piece on the map. We got creative and invented our own money.

 We also played a game called "Race ya to a Quarter". I printed up a few game boards with four columns-one for each type of coin. You roll a die to collect pennies which you then trade in for the next biggest coin. Continue until you reach a quarter, or $.50 or $1 or however long you want to play. Playing this game really helps solidify place value and coin recognition, and it's fun to come up with different combinations for the total you are reaching.

The longer we homeschool, the further away we get from workbooks and traditional lessons. I am such a rule follower and I love checking things off a list. Workbooks are tempting because you can measure how much work you are doing and what's being taught. That said, games are way more fun!!! Plus, we can include Lazzy and the boys don't even realize we are doing school! Win win! Next goal-teach the boys how to tell time for REAL!

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