Saturday, May 31, 2014

Celebrating Elijah

This is Elijah, excited about his birthday. H'es been counting down the days all month!

 In St. Louis, we celebrated birthdays with a free trip to the zoo and an all out par-tay! This year, we planned a party, but with no zoo in town, we enjoyed low tide at the beach. We took Dan to Teddy Bear Cove, our new favorite spot.

Below, you can see where the line of water usually is on that giant rock.

The beach is his new happy place. This boy is so brave and will pick up ANYTHING that might be in cool in any way. He's such an explorer, always searching for truth and life. I love his mind.

This is Lazarus taking a break in the middle of our up hill hike.

After resting from our adventure, we set up for the party. This year's theme was Vintage Super Heroes! Everything was "POP!", "BIFF!" and "KERLPOOSH!". Even the cake had pop rocks on top, so the kids were literally POPPING! It was such a fun day!

The "Spider Web" was so awesome. I wondered how long it would last with 14 kids climbing all over it, but is held up! And the kids never got tired of pretending to be stuck and needing rescuing!

In the middle of the party, we got bad news! All of our super hero friends had been visited by Mr. Freeze and were stuck!! The kids were split up into two teams and had to unfreeze their friends with water shooters!

Then, we had cake :)

It was truly a special day, celebrating Elijah and building him up. Sometimes, I can't believe I am old enough to have a six year old. Sometimes, I am SO thankful he's finally six and has more independence. All the time, I am thankful for his life!

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