Friday, May 30, 2014

Teddy Bear Cove

Teddy Bear Cove is another beach off Chuckanut Drive but it's much closer to town. The hike is completely downhill but is relatively short. This is a beach I can take all 3 kids by myself and is the perfect spot to do homeschool. Once again, it's a thrill walking along the train tracks to get to the beach!

The boys love to listen to trains coming. Makes my belly turn, but I try to play it cool.

Not pictured is the other tiny beach on the oposite side of this huge rock. These boys climbed and climbed till their legs fell off! The other tiny beach is especially fun because it reveals a cave and other marine life that's only exposed when the tide is really low (below -1.0). May in the NW is a wonderful time to explore tide pools. The weather is mild and the kids are aching to get outside again. I think we'll dedicate every May to outdoor exploration homeschool lessons.

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