Friday, August 15, 2014

Growing up is hard work!

Ruthie Mae is 9 months old now. She has officially been out in the world longer than she was safe inside my womb. It's amazing to watch a completely new person grow and develop over time. It's probably my favorite thing about motherhood. Watching and noting changes...Perhaps I should have been a scientist!

Over the last month, Ruthie has become very active. I often hear her yelling from another room and when I come looking for her, she's in awkward situations:

Her newest trick includes standing up in her crib and YELLING for mama "Neh! NehNAH!!". The first time I saw her like this, we immediately lowered the crib mattress.

It's absolutely adorable and completely frustrating. Poor little girl hasn't been getting much sleep and often looks dazed and confused: 

Girl needed sleep and so did her "Nehnah"!! In a moment of great clarity, I decided to put her back in a sleep sack but with arms inside, too. Now, she's back to long naps and no fussin'. It's funny how with children, third time is NOT the charm. Sure, there are things I've learned in my 6 years of parenting, but all lesson cannot be directly applied to each child.

 And while this little one is busy growing teeth.... biggest is busy losing them!! Literally. It's lost. In the lego bin.
 He's so proud of this accomplishment (because, you know, it's hard work letting pieces of your mouth fall out of your head!). I love watching him try to talk with a gap between his teeth. There's a slight whistle to every word and it kills me!!! It will only get better as he continues to lose teeth.

I am constantly in awe of our first born. He's always up for an adventure, always looking for fun. The other night, we were at a company picnic with some friends and we got to zipline together. I have to admit, I got scared for a second and wondered if Eli would actually jump with me. When those green doors swung open, he was GONE! I love his adventurous spirit.

And let's not forget this one:

Always dressed up.

Always in character.

He's so stinkin' silly, but also sweet and serious. What a complex little human we have on our hands!! Lazarus will be 4 by the end of the month, and I'm in mourning. 

My heart hurts to think that my babies are becoming people that don't need me so much anymore. They are really my pride and joy.

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