Monday, August 4, 2014

Dan Turned 30 and We Partied!!

Dan and I are so thankful to be in our 30's. We feel like our age finally matches the wrinkles and life stories we've collected along the way. For Dan's 30th, we kind of celebrated all month long. 

First, his present: a hammock! It's funny how something as simple as a hammock can enrich your life. We are in it every day. It's where we all want to be!

Next, a night away in Vancouver. We ate awesome Chinese food and toured Queen Elizabeth Park.

Oh yeah, we had Ruthie Mae with us, but we still called it a night away. She's more like an accessory than a kid, ha!

Queen Elizabeth park has amazing views of the city!

The folk festival was right near the beach with even more amazing views of Vancouver.

We enjoyed lots of other folk bands while cuddling and tickling Ruthie Mae. It was such a beautiful day. The perfect way to spend some quality time with our third born.

Andrew Bird was just as I expected and more. He is an incredible one-man-band and the best whistler I've ever heard! This was probably the most peaceful night of my life. While he played, there was a train of people walking through the crowd with handmade paper lanterns. So serene!

After the show, we headed back to 'Merica were we spent the night. Our little cottage on Birch Bay was the perfect spot for a slow morning and a giant breakfast, courtesy of our hosts. They even had a sweet birthday card waiting for us!

The birthday boy with his most prized possessions and his greatest achievements. We all think the world of him!

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