Friday, August 29, 2014

Thriftin' With the Crew

Y'all, since I've started homeschooling the boys, I've become obsessed with books!! We have a math curriculum (Math U See) and some language arts workbooks, but everything else we learn is through games and reading books for 1 hour together, every day. We learn mostly from unit studies which I have planned out and collect more books for. We have books in every bedroom, books in the kitchen, dining room, basement, bathroom, car and; even in my purse.

This weekend, our Value Village had a 50% off books sale. On top of that, when you buy 4 books, you get the 5th free!!! You'd better believe we hightailed it to Value Village right when it opened. We camped out at the book section for 2 hours, reading, sorting, laughing and filling our cart with amazing books.

 I spent less than $7 on this lot of books, most of which will be used throughout this homeschool year. We're doing unit studies on NW Native Americans and Thanksgiving, American history and geography, maps, marine life, the moon, planets and space, the 5 senses and a few historical people. I also found homeschool curriculum for early writing and grammar as well as two French children's books. I am so excited about this pile of books y'all!

While we were there, we browsed for a few items I've been looking for. Hiking shoes for the boys, a beautiful handmade queen sized patch-work quilt and 3 sweet pieces for Ruthie Mae: a whopping $17.The absolute miracle is that these were all things on my thrifting list!!!

Like all trips to the thrift store, I had to resist purchasing gems such as this:
I mean....everyone knows Mr.T and Me books are incredibly enriching stories, right? Riiiiight.....

We also passed up this retro doctor's office chair:
Not without testing it out first. There were TWO of them!!! Whoa temptation!!

The boys each got a transformer toy, which they bought themselves. We had a blast and the boys felt proud about helping plan out their own education. Win Win!!

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