Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Week Back at School

Don't you just love our special Pinterest-y back to school photo!? Hahaha! Well, this picture of my boys is one reason why I LOVE homeschooling! They can wear whatever they want and we start school when we're awake enough to pay attention, ha!

My biggest fear about this school year : Ruthie Mae Monster!! This girl is nothing but busy, knocking down everything the boys build. Thankfully, she's taking two long naps a day, so we have plenty of time to work without Ruthie Mae getting in the way.

She just wants to be with her brothers.

We've started slow with lots of games, reading and science projects. We've shined pennies

We made our own colored sand (Kosher salt and food coloring!) for some new sensory bins.

We take frequent dancing breaks and I've found it really helps them to focus. They have become such hard little workers!! 

I love living in the Northwest, but with the winter rains coming, you have to get out when you can. Right now is peak hiking season, so we organized a mountain play date.

The boys just thought it was soooo silly to be playing int the snow in August.

So far, it's been a great start to a new school year. We definitely do 2 solid hours of work almost every day, but that still leaves us with so much time to get out and enjoy the sun as long as it lasts.

 This year, the boys will have different character traits to work on and pray for. For this first trimester, we are all focusing on teamwork. These guys loved reading in Exodus about Moses and Aaron working together to lead the Israelites. I think it helped them see each other's skills and how they can work together to accomplish a difficult goal. Y'all, this is the stuff you just can't get in normal schools!! The time, space, prayer and opportunity to learn such important life lessons-I feel so lucky to be able to teach them such things!! We take homeschooling one year at a time, so I'm never certain how long I'll have them here with me. For now, it's (mostly) cupcakes and sunshine!

Activities on the calendar for this school year include:
-3 months free karate classes
-8 plays/shows/concerts at the Mount Baker Theatre
-weekly visits to the library and our Family Interactive Gallery at the art museum
-rock climbing
-low tide/beach combing
-horse back riding
-visiting various farms for berry picking/pumpkin picking
-Seattle Science Museum
-Vancouver Science museum

This list will likely grow with time as opportunities arise. I cannot wait to experience life with these little people this school year!

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