Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Celebrating Lazzy's 4th Birthday

I love celebrating people. Birthdays are such a joyous time because you get to spend lots of time simply celebrating someone's life. In true Robbins form, we spent a few days celebrating Lazarus. We took our time opening presents over the weekend, went out to eat (with free dessert!!), hiked in the mountains (Artist Ridge at sunset) and had a little party.

Lazarus was very clear about not wanting a party. He only wanted his friend Henry to come over and eat hot dogs. Simple enough right? So, we had the Walker family join us for dinner.

The day before his birthday dinner, Laz decided he did want a theme:Transformers. And because he's my little introvert who never asks for anything and is so generous, I ran out and got transformer stuff for a totally generic Transformers birthday!!

Oh, he also wanted a brown and orange cake.....

It was a challenge for me to figure out how to both love Lazzy and not overwhelm the poor introvert, but I think he felt really loved. All in all, he had a great weekend turning four. Next birthday on the calendar is Ruthie Mae and I'm in complete denial!


  1. love seeing the walker and robbins kids together! happy birthday to lazzy man!

  2. Wow! Those photos of Artists Ridge are gorgeous! Happy Birthday Lazzy! I'm in denial about my almost 11 year old. Yikes!