Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tis The Season

The season for staying in jammies all day and watching cars through the window before school.

It's the season for dressing up as Santa...

...or Jesus.

He was inspired by our recent visit to Bethlehem. 

Despite this picture, Dan wasn't the only one having fun!

Honestly, it was pretty cool to go back in time and walk through a dimly lit Bethlehem in the cold, imagining ourselves to be Mary and Joseph. Before heading to Bethlehem, we cut down a Christmas tree.


We attended our first Christmas parade. 

 It's the season for making paper snowflakes for hours on end.

You get pretty good after practicing alllll day.

It's the season for Elvis Christmas records. And Mariah Carey, and She & Him, and Charlie Brown and, you know, all the classics.

Tis the season for sparkle and wonder and beauty.

We put lights on the tree for the first time this year and we're all enjoying the extra glow.

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